EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia tests) in our office are now completed using a digital form through Global Vet Link (GVL) that meets the USDA-approved EIA test forms for regulatory compliance. We are able to digitally create and submit EIA tests instantly to laboratories and share the final test certificate online with our clients through their MyVetLink account. Results are in real-time and owners have access to their results 24/7 on their personal devices using the email address they provide us.

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs), also known as health certificates, are also completed digitally using GVL. Our clinic offers CVIs for the contiguous United States, the lower 48 states only. We do not offer CVIs to Alaska or Hawaii, nor do we offer international CVIs. By using GVL we are able to complete accurate certificates that meet state requirements, have immediate submission to state officials and are easy to share with clients online using MyVetLink.

Register for GVL MyVetlink account using the email address you provided at our clinic.
Register for GVL MyVetlink

Log-in to your MyVetLink account to see your CVI and posted EIA results 24/7